Yes, is it possible to legally bet online in India. The Supreme Court of India has ruled that online betting is not illegal in the country. However, the court has also said that the government has the right to regulate online betting.

India’s gambling

Betting is a state topic in India, which implies that each state can enact its own betting regulations. This is why gambling is permitted in some states, such as Goa, Daman, and Sikkim, but not in others. Although physical casinos are prohibited in the majority of Indian states, what about online gambling? In this article, we’ll discover out.

In India, online betting is legal

Yes, if you’re looking for a quick answer. In India, online betting is permitted. There are, however, a few exceptions. After all, what’s the fun in law if there aren’t any twists and turns?

To your relief, there are no federal regulations in India prohibiting internet betting. However, each state has the authority to decide whether or not to prohibit it. Some states have also outlawed online gambling, but the majority have not, owing to the nature of the games.

Before diving in, it’s a good idea to learn about the many sorts of gambling. Online gaming in India is categorized into two categories under Indian law: luck-based gambling and skill-based gambling. Let’s take a deeper look.

Gambling that is based on chance

Luck-based gambling, as the name implies, is gaming that requires just luck to play and win. There are no skills required, and the game’s outcome is entirely dependent on luck. Consider the game of Ludo, which is rather out of context. Isn’t it true that the dice we roll in Ludo is based on luck? However, the maneuvers we perform are skill-based since we must think about the game we are paying for. However, if the game of Ludo consisted solely of rolling dice and waiting for results, it would have been purely a game of chance.

Skill-based game

As the name implies, playing a game of skill necessitates the development of certain talents. Even if there is a randomizing asset, the player must have abilities in order to play the game and win money. Online casino skill games are legal in the majority of Indian states. Poker and Rummy are two notable skill-based games. These forms of online betting games are available practically everywhere.


To cut a long story short, with a few exceptions, online betting games and apps are allowed in India. The majority of websites and apps allow you to play. Learn more about the many types of websites that are useful and give discounts. Some websites will pay you up to Rs. 10,000 as a welcome bonus if you join their site.

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